4-Color Process Screen Printing

4-Color Process Screen Printing Solution
4-Color Process Screen Printing Solution

The Problem:

A manufacturer of ladders, who relied heavily on the use of graphics to make their products stand out, developed a new detailed graphics scheme that they wanted to apply to their product line. Their design would utilize four-color process printing, which we could have produced on our HP 700 SciTex digital printer. This would be the normal avenue for such work, however due to the size of the runs, the cost of inks, and the slow production times; this method did not meet their price point goal.

The Solution:

At Marking Systems we utilize a variety of specialty printing techniques, for this client we used our 6 color carousel screen printer to print the 10,000 to 25,000 labels that they required annually. Our facility has a G-7 color certification, with a G-7 master on staff. Being G7 compliant allows us to produce 4 color process screen printed graphics almost as perfectly as digital. G7 also mandates stringent print guidelines for quality verification and efficiency.

The result is our ability to print extremely high quality at low costs.

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