Custom Digital Printing Solution


The Problem:

Marking Systems, Inc.'s customer patented a unique specialty item designed to keep cell phones from sliding around on the dashboard or console of a car. Their product is sold through the Ad Specialties industry typically for time sensitive events. Our customer needed to be able to group different orders together (help reduce cost) and get these orders in less than 1 week.

The Solution:

At Marking Systems, Inc. we specialize in the efficient utilization of resources, providing our customers with innovative solutions to meet their project needs.

Working with our customer's art department, we taught their artist how to supply the artwork to MSI with a 24 up press ready file. This allows MSI to process each job as one large order (rather than multiple small orders), eliminate our art process, which saves both time and money. By grouping orders and fully utilizing our digital printing capabilities, we are able to deliver a quicker turn around at lower prices.

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