Custom Label Sets Solution

Custom Label Sets Solution
Custom Label Sets Solution

The Problem:

A manufacturer of electronics was in need of a labeling solution for one of their product lines. The product needed to have several individual labels applied during the manufacturing process, but the fact that each label was treated as a separate part was causing their assembly line to bottleneck and making them late on shipments.

The Solution:

Working with the customer we developed a solution that not only addressed the obvious issues with using 5 or 6 individual label sheets, but also rectified issues that the customer hadn't even considered.

The solution was simple, we took all of the labels required for one assembly and grouped them onto a single sheet. The new labels were kiss cut allowing for easy removal during assembly. The one sheet travels with the product during assembly, greatly simplifying inventory because there are fewer parts to manage. Producing an entire label set on one sheet also improved the color consistency, providing exact color matching every time.

In addition to the boost in efficiency, this new process produced a cost savings of 20% to 30% for the customer by eliminating several setups and die charges they were currently being charged.

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