Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Common mistakes customers make:

    1. Changing their paint to powder coat and not changing the adhesive on their labels.
    Solution: MSI has several adhesives designed specifically for powder coat paints. These adhesives also come in different thicknesses from .001-.005 mils.
  2. Why are some labels not consistent on colors?

    Solution: there are several cause for this issue:
    1. Some printers do not make and keep good recipes for the color matches.
    2. They check colors from the last order rather than always checking colors per the color standard.
    3. Some printers do not make separate matches for the same color on different materials.
  3. Why is MSI so good at color matching?

    1. MSI has invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars in both training (G-7 certification) and the latest in color matching software and technology.
  4. Why do some label companies have problems with registration of the cutting not being consistent?

    1. Typically these companies are hand feeding the parts into the cutting press. This allows for operator error.
  5. Does MSI do this?

    1. No MSI uses either optical registration on our presses or in a few cases we use a spartanic hole punch registration system. Both systems insure that the overlays or nameplates will be cut accurately and consistently throughout the entire run.
  6. What can cause overlays to not lay flat after being cut.

    1. Because steel rule dies displace the polycarbonate material if cut outs are too close together the dies will damage the material between these cut outs. MSI solves this problem by cutting the overlay in stages. Depending on how complicated the overlay MSI may cut the overlay is as many as 4 stages in order to make sure the part is cut perfectly.
  7. Can MSI help me design my label?

    1. Yes our artist are excellent at taking a customer’s concepts and creating detailed drawings and artwork.
  8. Common mistake customers make:

    1. Specify an expensive material on a drawing by just copying an old drawing.
    Solution: let MSI show you the lowest cost material that will satisfy the application.
  9. Can MSI help me to reduce LED hotspots on my overlay or membrane switch?

    1. Yes, MSI has a library of diffuser materials. These materials have different light transmission values depending on how bright your LEDs are.
  10. Does MSI know how to do PAPP's?

    1. Yes MSI is excellent at doing PAPP's as well as other documentation such as certificates of conformance.
  11. Can MSI ship international.

    1. Yes we currently ship to Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia.
  12. How quick can MSI deliver?

    1. Typical lead time is 2-3 weeks ARO. However MSI can expedite orders in as little as 4-8 hours in some unique cases. 24-48 hours is more common.
  13. What are the best ways to reduce our label cost?

    1. Label sets: this is where we kiss cut a group of labels on the same sheet allowing us to run the labels at the same time reducing setups and improving color consistency. This reduce cost by approximately 20-30% and reduces your time in ordering and inventory. Also reduces mistakes and left off labels.
    2. Demand pull (12 month) stocking program: you get the Eau price and MSI ships and bills the parts as you need them. At the end of 12 months you take the balance if any parts are left in stock.
    3. Digital printing can reduce the cost of some of your multi colored labels.
  14. Does MSI have label materials that will last outdoors?

    1. We do. There essentially 4 types of materials that will last outdoors 5+ years:
    2. UV polycarbonate (7+ years)
    3. Poly domes (10+ years)
    4. .002 polyester with a .001 UV polyester laminate
    5. 3M .002 vinyl (7+ years) 14. What is the shelf life of the labels MSI sells?
    6. We state as a rule 2 years stored at 70F and 50% relative humidity. In reality the labels will last 5 years.
  15. Can MSI produce prototypes?

    -Yes, we have 3 different prototype programs. Keep in mind that there is not compromise with our prototypes. They are all made to production quality. The programs are:
    1. Digital print/digital cut: 3-5 day delivery, 10 pieces @ $200 lot charge, $50 setup.
    2. Screen print/digital cut: 5-7 day delivery, 10 pieces @ $300 lot charge, $50 setup.
    3. Screen print/special finishing (embossing, texture clear, dead fronting etc) "call for quote". Delivery typically 2 weeks.
  16. What type of art files does MSI work with?

    1. While we prefer adobe ai file our art dept can almost always convert whatever file format you send us. If you do not have good files let MSI fix your files freeing your time to do what you do well. We are partners remember.
  17. Will MSI send me samples so I can see what type of label I want to use for my applications?

    1. Yes, in fact we are the only label company that will send you a label design book that has over 30 pages of actual label samples. Everything from polycarbonate overlays/nameplates, ul labels, warning/caution labels, insulators to membrane switches. This book will become your trusted advisor for all labels.
  18. Does MSI produce all of the products in house?

    1. Essentially yes but there are some components that must be manufactured by our suppliers. In some rare cases we get these components from Mexico and China.
  19. What makes MSI different than other label companies?

    1. MSI is a precision manufacture of overlay, nameplates, labels and membrane switches. This means that we engineer our products to +-.010 tolerances and our color matching is done both with precision and consistency.
  20. Does MSI guarantee it's product?

    1. Yes. Everything we sell is 100% guaranteed. If we make a mistake we replace the product for free. In many cases when our customers make a mistake we will work with them on replacements at 50% cost. Remember we are partners.
  21. Does MSI let customers inside the manufacturing facility?

    1. Yes anytime. We love for customers to come see our facility and learn about all of our capabilities and how they can benefit.
  22. What if something goes wrong and I am not getting what I feel like is fair treatment from my MSI sales or cs person.

    1. Call either of the owners Matt van Beber or Greg van Beber. We realize from time to time things go wrong and at the end of the day we want to make sure "all" of our customers feel like they have been dealt with fairly and honestly.
  23. Common mistake customers make.

    1. Not using rev or issue #'s with their part numbers. This can create much confusion when art or sizes are changes.
  24. Is MSI interested in helping us with unusual applications? Does MSI only do labels?

    1. Yes, we love special applications and have many resources and processes at our disposal to help you with new and different applications.
    2. No MSI gets involved with all kinds of plastic products, insulation products and even metal. Please ask us and if we cannot help we will direct you to who we think can help you.
  25. Common mistake other printers make:

    1. Because inks are more transparent then desired, the printing polycarbonate overlays and nameplates requires several extra passes of white behind all of the other colors to make the parts opaque. Many printers do not do this and in many cases you can see through the parts when they are applied.

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