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Polyurethane Doming / 3Domes

Polyurethane Domes Examples

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Domed Label & Nameplate Fabrication
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Domed Label & Nameplate Fabrication
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Domed Label & Nameplate Fabrication
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Domed Label & Nameplate Fabrication

3Domes Examples

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Doming is a word used to describe a process in which an exact amount of polyurethane resin is applied over the top of a label or nameplate, and allowed to flow outward to the edges which act as a levy. Once the resin is cured it effectively forms a clear protective cap or dome over the graphics, thus giving it the name dome label. Sometimes referred to as bubble labels, dome labels are highly durable, and well suited for just about any environment.

Several factors come into play during the doming process that makes it a tough process to master. For this reason several companies opt to send out finished product to be domed by companies called doming houses that specialize in the process. Marking Systems, Inc. is one of the few companies with an on-site clean room that allows us to do both printing and doming under the same roof. By doing the doming in-house we can offer extremely competitive pricing as well as quick turns without having to compromise our quality.


The term 3Domes was coined by Marking Systems, to describe a unique manufacturing process used to create highly durable 3-Dimensional emblems and badges.

Ideal for small to medium volume run sizes, 3Doming combines heat, radio frequencies, and pressure to create elaborate 3D emblems or a price comparable to injection molding, but without to large tooling cost typically associated with injection molding or thermoforming.

The fact the 3Domes are essentially made up of 3 layers makes them a designers dream come true. The top layer which is commonly referred to as the aesthetic layer can be printed on in order to achieve multiple color schemes and looks. The shaping layer allows designers to add thickness, soften, or harden a part, as well as gives it the necessary amount of thickness needed for embossing. Download our brochure and request samples.

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Domed Label & Nameplate Fabrication Capabilities:

Doming Types Labels
Benefits Three-Dimensional Look
No extra molds/tooling required
Improves Durability (Added UV and Chemical resistance)
Environment Indoors
Resistances Chemical
Materials Polyurethane
Outdoor Durability 7 to 10 years
Properties Adhesive
Base Material
Polyurethane Doming
Thickness Approximately .060-.075
Maximum Length 120"
Maximum Width 48"
Accelerated Aging RS-4 Sunlighter with Water Spray 500 hours
Outdoor Weathering 5 years
Temperature Range -40 to 170 °F
Humidity Condensing Atmosphere 100 °F
100% Relative Humidity (RH)
Salt Spray 22 hours
Abrasion and Impact Resistance Down to -20 °F
Cleanability Detergent Solution
Aliphatic Hydrocarbon
Denatured Alcohol
Solvent Resistance Unleaded Gasoline
Chemical/Solvent Resistance Excellent Chemical resistance to most common chemicals such as gasoline and household/industrial cleaners.
Tolerance (+/-) .015 in
100% Final
Testing Ink Adhesion Testing (Tape)
Additional Services
Art Services
Color Matching
Back Scoring
Back Lit
Dead Front
Kiss Cutting
Serialized Labels
Barcode Labels
2D Labels
Import Excel Spreadsheet
Production Volume Prototype to Large Scale Runs
Typical Lead Time 2 to 3 weeks
Rush Services Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Oil & Gas
Test & Measurement
Intended Applications Decorative Nameplates
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2008
G7 Color Matching Certified
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Efficiency Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)
Documentation First Article Inspection (FAI)
Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
Certificates of Conformance (CoC)
Graphics File Formats Adobe Illustrator (AI)
Adobe Photoshop (PS)
Adobe InDesign (ID)
Dimensions / Dies File Formats AutoCAD (DWG, DXF)

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