Standard Deliveries

At Marking Systems, Inc. we realize that typical deliveries will not always work for our customer's ever changing schedules. When you need a faster delivery come to MSI. Our new technology gives us the ability to produce and deliver (not all) but many orders in 24 hours.

Standard delivery for in stock materials:

2-3 weeks
2-3 weeks
Roll Labels:
2 weeks
Membrane switches:
3-4 weeks
Insulators/die cutting:
2 weeks
Domed Labels:
3 weeks
Prototypes: Digital:
1 week
Screen printed:
2 weeks

We will try our hardest to accommodate your schedule. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Fujitsu in Richardson Texas called and have to have a multi-colored Lexan overlay the next morning by 8:00 am. Our employees worked through the night and delivered parts so that Fujitsu could deliver their order.
  2. Our customer Flexible Innovations (inventor of egrips ad specialty appliques) asked MSI to reduce lead-times from 3 weeks on each order to 5 business days. Not only have we done that but now most orders start shipping in as little as 24 hours. As Fred Antonini (owner) says most of the orders for the egrips are event related. If we miss the events there is no business.
  3. Butch Sanders Purchasing Manager with Genlyte Lighting called our owner late Thursday afternoon. He had forgotten to place an overlay order the week before but still needed to make an important delivery the next day. No problem Genlyte had the overlays in hand by 3:00 pm the next day and made their important shipment.

These stories happen every day. We appreciate our customers and the business they trust us with. We can't make every date asked of us but you have our promise we will try. This is why MSI is continually looking for and buying the latest in new label technology.

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