Stocking Programs

Marking Systems, Inc. Stocking Programs
Marking Systems, Inc. Stocking Programs

Marking Systems, Inc. has the following two stocking programs available to qualifying customers:

1. Scheduled Shipments

This program allows our customers to place orders and schedule the deliveries out to more accurately meet their production schedules. Deliveries are typically scheduled monthly or quarterly for the next 12 months. The main benefit to this program is reduced handling of P.O.'s. One blanket P.O. can handle the orders for the entire year saving time and labor.

2. Blanket Orders

This is a 12 month stocking program to allow MSI customers to have their parts in inventory for immediate delivery. This program works best for changing schedules. The customer knows that they will need the parts over the next year but does not have a consistent schedule. This allows the customer to reduce lead-times by having the parts available in inventory.

Specifications for both programs:

  1. All orders are NON-CANCELABLE.
  2. Parts must be taken from stock in 12 months or less.
  3. Customer must have good credit history.
  4. Orders must have a minimum of $500 value to be eligible.
  5. Minimum pulls from stock must be $100 in value.

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